Time to get to work!

We took the first step and got the city on board with a poured in place skateboard park! The next big step is to raise the money to pay for it. The current budget of $250,000 combined with the high water table in Miami Beach means that, without additional funds, even a poured in place park could end up pretty lame and unfortunately may not even be possible. The city is willing to accept a supplement to the $250,000 though, which is great news for us.

If you are interested in donating to the project, please keep the following in mind:

The money will only be used if a minimum of $50,000 is raised AND the general contractor selects a reputable poured in place company to do the job.
The money will be due within 60 days of the submission of the final permit drawings by the skatepark company, so if all goes well in January.
All contributions to the park are tax deductible!

If you are STILL interested in donating, please fill out this form and either email it to miamibeach@miamiskaters.com or drop it off at F1RST Surf Shop on the beach. If naming rights interest you, please contact me directly. Thanks!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at Seth@Miamiskaters.com

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We have been heard in Miami Beach

Well, that was quick! Thanks to everyone who visited this website and took action, the City of Miami Beach has listened to us and has made the following changes:

1. Cancelled the initial RFQ that requires a prefabricated skateboard park be installed and reissue it with generic requirements.

2. Issue the new RFQ to all skatepark companies, including Team Pain, Grindline, Artisan, Dreamland, and Who Skates. If you are a skatepark company and don’t get the new RFQ by the end of the week, please contact me.

3. They are willing to accept private donations in order to build a better park. Due to the severe time constraints of the base grant of $250,000, we only have two weeks to raise the money needed so we have to act quickly.

4. Although an official skateboard committee is not feasible due to the way the project is organized, the city has committed to listening to an informal committee that we form on our own.

5. All future meetings involving the park that should be open to the public will be so keep your eyes here for details on the next one!

Thank you everyone for making this happen on such short notice. Our work isn’t done yet, but the first battle has been won. They are still considering prefab and we have a lot of money to raise in a very short amount of time.

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The future City of Miami Beach Skateboard Park needs your help!

Flamingo Park in Miami Beach has 9,000 square feet designated for a skateboard park. Although this number is a little small, it still has the potential to have a great park with plenty of variety. Due to some sleazy ‘skatepark’ companies and a tiny budget the city has issued a secret RFQ that REQUIRES prefab concrete. This is the same stuff that the not yet open but already severely flawed Tamarac skatepark and decomposing after one year Kendall park. Miami Skaters have the ability to raise the money where the city falls short, lets just use our collective power to overturn the decision that will sentence this park to death before its even built, the requirement that it be precast and has an RFQ tailored to companies such as American Ramp Company and Spohn Ranch. Go to the Take Action tab for information on how to help!

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Welcome to the Save the Biscayne Skate Park Website

Have a look around at the new site we put together for a one stop location for all things related to the Biscayne Skate Park.  Be sure to check out our featured content and news section.

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